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Mothers' Helpers, Inc. was created in October 2009 in recognition that there are moms who need basic items for their babies, like cribs, clothing, strollers, blankets, bouncers, etc., and parents who have these things in their garages and want to get rid of them. We decided to put these two groups together, and make it easy for parents to donate to moms who are in need.


Robin Unander-La Berge

Robin is an attorney and mom-of-3 who lives in Santa Barbara with her husband Dan LaBerge and kids Hudson, Lilia and Lukas. They started their family in 2009 when Robin was 39. A habitual reader of craigslist.org for baby items, Robin came across a post in June from a young, single mom in Santa Maria who had a 4 month old baby that she was raising on her own and sharing her bed with because she couldn't afford a crib for him. Robin watched the mom’s repeated posts asking for anyone who may have a crib they were willing to donate, and saw the posts becoming more desperate with frustration as people didn’t come through with help. Robin didn’t have a crib, but she figured she probably knew someone who did have one, and she decided to help this mom find a crib for her baby. Offers of baby items in addition to a crib came in, and Robin was able to collect literally a truck full of baby items for the mom. Robin and the mom finally met after 2 weeks of communicating via email, with lots of assurances that this was for real and not too good to be true.

Dan La Berge

Dan is a personal trainer and nutritionist who lives in Santa Barbara with his wife Robin. He was a first time dad at 46. Dan always wanted to be a father, and was blessed with the opportunity in 2009. Little did he know that his ambitious wife had a calling to help other moms, and would follow that quest. Fortunately, Dan’s heart is just as generous, and he joins right alongside Robin to help collect donations and drop off baby items to moms in need. Dan’s biggest asset, besides his Toyota truck, is his giving nature. Oh, and his great business sense and ideas about how to make this organization more successful! 

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