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Help is one step away

Have a new baby? Were here. 

To apply, select the option below that best describes you.

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Baby essentials sourced with love

If you are a parent to a newborn, without support or in tough financial times, we’ll supply you with essential baby items for these early days. Please apply below and select the items you need. Your application will be reviewed, and we’ll do our best to provide what you’ve asked for.


Two important notes…We can only offer baby items to families in Santa Barbara County, California and you will need to arrange pickup for your donation from our support center in Goleta. (Please enlist the help of family or friends if this is a struggle or you are recovering from birth!)

To apply, select the option below that best describes you.

Our community is here to help

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“I needed a crib for my 10 month old baby, and I struggled financially to afford it. Well, less than 24 hours later, Mothers’ Helpers offered me a crib I could pick up right away. They never made me feel embarrassed to ask for help. This is an amazing organization, Santa Barbara is lucky to have them!”


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