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We operate with a parent’s heart and a helper’s hands

Mothers’ Helpers is a 501(C)(3) located in Santa Barbara County

Our story

We were created in October 2009, after Robin, our founder and recent new mother, came across a Facebook post where a mother desperately sought a crib. After watching repeated attempts to find one fall through, Robin realized there wasn’t an efficient, caring way for parents alone or in tough financial times to easily source baby items. Mothers’ Helpers was born to fix that. Blending the natural churn of baby items that parents store unused in the garage and new parents who would love to use them, our community took off.


Our mission

Many of us experience the “nesting” feeling before our children arrive, and every parent deserves that, no matter their support system or financial status. We’re here to uplift parents with new babies who fight fear or despair over whether they’ll have the basics for their child. Our goal is to gather and distribute baby items, because raising a baby is hard under the best circumstances, and we all get by with a little support from our community.

Meet the founders

Robin & Dan Unander-La Berge


Robin and Dan are Santa Barbara locals inspired by one Facebook post. Robin’s first Mothers’ Helpers adventure was that first encounter with a mother in need trying to source a crib online. Robin didn’t have a crib, but she figured she could probably find one. Passing the word along that someone was in need, Robin literally collected a truck full of baby items to deliver, crib included. Dan eagerly jumped in to assist with transportation, and they haven’t stopped since. Outside of Mothers’ Helpers, Robin practices law, Dan serves as a personal trainer and nutritionist, and together, they’re raising their family in Santa Barbara.

Meet our Executive Director

Michelle Erickson


Michelle has been with Mothers’ Helpers since she dropped off some of her daughter’s baby things at Robin and Dan’s house in 2014. Dan needed help keeping their new warehouse organized and they’ve been working together ever since.


Michelle has a BS in Design and an MBA in Sustainable Business. Her previous work experience includes graphic design, interface design and product management – all at local Santa Barbara companies. She put those skills to work for Mothers’ Helpers for eight years as a volunteer and board member and is honored to lead Mothers' Helpers into the future as Executive Director. 

You can reach her at | 805.399.2839

We’d love your help

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