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Recipient Terms & Conditions

I understand the donated baby items are gifts from Mothers’ Helpers, Inc., and Mothers’ Helpers, Inc. does not guarantee the condition of the items, nor that they have not been recalled by their manufacturers or are not missing any parts. I understand that it is my responsibility to check with available sources, including and among others, to verify if the baby items are safe for use. I also understand that I will contact the manufacturers of any items that I have questions about, and not Mothers’ Helpers, Inc. I understand that some of the items may need cleaning or sanitizing, and it is my responsibility to make sure they are sanitary for my baby’s use.
I agree to accept all donated items “as is”, and hold Mothers’ Helpers, Inc., harmless and excused from liability (indemnified) from any harm or injury that may happen to me, my baby or other children, or other persons as a result of using any of the donated baby items. 

I agree not to resell items given to me by Mothers' Helpers. Mothers' Helpers gives baby goods to parents in need in good faith. They are not meant for resale. If a recipient is found reselling items prior to using them to the fullest extent they will be ineligible for future assistance from Mothers' Helpers. 

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